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About Jason Sant

Mr. Jason Sant is a self-made real estate millionaire, loving father, decorated former soldier, proud member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, personal mentee of world-famous author and businessman Kevin Trudeau, and a social media influencer.

You may know Jason as the best-selling author of 1,643 Days in Federal Prison, documenting his experiences fighting with the broken U.S. Criminal Justice System, or as the organizer of his popular "Bucket List Brigade" adventures, which are small group dream-building retreats set in exotic locations.

You may also know Jason from his frequent teachings on the power of consciously creating your reality.  The principles taught in Jason’s signature 8 week training, The Science of Conscious Creation, have changed countless lives for the better. 

What most people DON'T know about is the amazing business success Jason has enjoyed.

Jason’s story is truly one of rags to riches.  Growing up on the "wrong side of the tracks in Seattle," he always knew he was meant to do important things. This inner knowing and feeling of a higher purpose drove Jason to apply himself to school, literally locking himself in his basement to study for hours on end. And it paid off.  After earning nearly straight A’s, Jason was accepted to Brigham Young University, a prestigious private college in Utah, where he graduated Cum Laude in Economics and Business.

Jason had two additional defining events in his early life.  

First, before college he served two years as an LDS missionary in San Diego, California.  Of this decision, Jason says, “I felt it was an important way for me to thank God for all my blessings, and also share some things that have brought me joy.”

Second, upon returning from his mission experience, Jason enlisted in the US Army reserves and was called up to active duty for the first Gulf War.  He was one of just three soldiers in his company to earn Expert Marksman status. Jason served for six years before being honorably discharged.

Jason was the first college graduate in his family.  Prior to graduation, Jason married his college sweetheart, started a family and returned to Seattle to begin his career.

And his success came fast!

Jason developed a knack for real estate sales, and his career took off with breakneck speed. He quickly became one of the top producing agents in Seattle, building a large team, responsible for selling hundreds of millions in Residential and Commercial real estate.  Jason also invested in and developed real estate, including land, apartments and condominium conversions, making millions in the process.

But what is most astonishing is that in just 3 YEARS, right after the financial crash of 2008, Jason purchased an incredible 200 MILLION DOLLARS in single family real estate across 35 states.  Jason’s company was worth more than 100 million dollars.  Jason’s income skyrocketed, generating an incredible mid six figure passive income stream and making him a millionaire several times over.

But trouble was on the horizon…

Poor judgment and decision making resulted in an FBI investigation and subsequent criminal charge of "conspiracy to commit fraud." Rather than face a lengthy sentence at trial, Jason agreed to plead guilty and was sentenced to 72 months in Federal Prison. Jason says, “We tried to adjust to changes in the real estate market due to the government bailouts of banks. We did some things that were not honest, and for which I paid a very heavy price. I am one-hundred percent responsible for the choices that landed me in prison.”

This was the darkest time in Jason’s life. “I could see no light at the end of the tunnel. All was darkness. I even purchased cyanide tablets, and held them in my hand as I contemplated ending it all. I was facing a possible sentence of 27 years, and it would be completely up to the judge as to how long he felt I deserved. I thought my life was over.”

And trouble typically comes in twos and threes.  

Within 45 days of arriving in prison, Jason received divorce papers in the mail. It crushed his spirits. He was trying to adjust to prison, and he thought he could count on his marriage. Jason was distraught. He was dangerously close to being sent to solitary confinement as a safety measure against a possible “suicide” attempt.  

It was during this darkest of time when Jason began to turn his life around. “I needed time to grieve. It took several months, but eventually I realized I could either let my circumstances define my life, or I could take responsibility for being in prison, and take control of all I really can control - my thoughts, words and actions - and entrust the rest to God.”

To break out of negative patterns of thought, Jason started to ask himself better questions like, “What is good about prison?" "How can I use this to better myself?" "What kind of person do I want to become?” Reflecting upon these questions started Jason on a path that would radically transform his life.

It is said that "when the student is ready the teacher will appear."  Jason began to read all he could about self-improvement, spirituality and life design. It was during this phase that many incredible and influential human beings came into Jason’s life.

This is when Jason met Kevin Trudeau. Jason says, “I’ll never forget the day I met Kevin. It was his first day in prison. We walked the track together. Usually new guys are distraught and feeling very lost. Kevin was the opposite. He was absolutely confident this would be a good thing, and had made up his mind. I knew right then and there I had so much to learn from this man.”

Jason and Kevin’s friendship grew into a mentorship. Over the four years they were together, they spent literally hundreds of hours together talking, practicing yoga and meditation, dream-building and planning for the future. 

“I asked Kevin to mentor me and teach me. He told me he would only do so if I wrote everything down and applied what I was being taught, to which I gladly agreed.” Many of these techniques are secret and highly guarded by the wealthy elite. Over the next four years, Jason filled 1,600 pages of notes from their time together. "The market value of this one-on-one mentorship with Kevin is easily worth millions of dollars," said Jason.  

Jason began to apply Kevin’s teachings, and began to completely transform his life. His accomplishments in prison alone are truly amazing.  

Jason got control of his health dropping 70 pounds and running a marathon IN PRISON on a track less than a mile long.  He became a certified mediator and earned a Masters Degree in Theological studies - all done by snail mail.  Jason is the ONLY inmate to have accomplished this feat during his entire 5 year stay.

In addition, Jason became a voracious reader, completing 837 books, and keeping a detailed journal of the life lessons garnered during this time. Jason compiled the most relevant of these entries into his best selling book, 1,643 Days in a Federal Prison Camp.

But what is most impressive is what Jason achieved using Kevin’s teachings AFTER prison.

Today Jason is a best-selling author, world traveling backpacker, body-building competitor, guest blogger, radio and television guest and inspirational force for thousands. He is called by those that know him, "The Dream-builder" and "The Catalyst."

Jason LIVES and PRACTICES the principles Kevin taught him every day. And Kevin will be the first to say that Jason is one of his absolute best students. While considered by thousands as a teacher, Jason will be the first to say he also remains the student. “The process of learning to co-create with God never ends. I will keep learning and practicing until I graduate to the next life. And that is what makes it so exciting to me.”

Jason has a great love for all humanity. “I think because of what I have been through, I understand and love people so much more. I feel your Divinity. We are both created by the same loving Force that created the Universe. We all have joys and sorrows. And we are all connected. As I contribute to your life, you contribute to my life. It’s a beautiful and complete circle.”

Jason feels a strong responsibility to share the principles that have transformed his life with those around him.  With Kevin’s blessing, Jason has taken the best of the 1,600 pages of mentorship, and created his signature 8 week training, The Science of Conscious Creation.

Of this course, Jason says, “I could easily keep this information to myself and just continue to apply these teachings and see incredible results. But I have had so many people ask me how I get the results I get, and how I am so happy and full of light. So I started to share these principles on a small scale with friends and family, who saw immediate and powerful results in their lives. I quickly realized that I had to share this information on a large scale.”

Every day Jason is living his dream - traveling the world while helping thousands of clients connect with their Divinity, define their dreams and Consciously Create the life of their dreams.

Please listen to this training, where Jason reveals for the first time information on how YOU can achieve YOUR dreams!


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